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Free Publicity & How to Use Social Media as a Force Multiplier

Authors are always looking for ways to promote books without breaking the bank. Here’s a list of free publicity opportunities I’ve developed while marketing my new horror novel Bandun Gate, all of which can yield big results at little or no cost. You’ll get even more out of these by posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social media at every stage:

· Contact your alma mater – most colleges have newsletters / website announcements / email blasts and love hyping the accomplishments of their alums. Once the notice of your book hits, add it to your social media with a ‘thank you’ to the school for supporting you.

· Look into podcasts that intersect with your book’s topic and approach the host / producer about being a guest. Post updates when you book the show, when you record it, and when it hits the airwaves.

· Donate a copy of your book to your local library, take photos / video of the presentation to share on social media.

· Give an individual shout-out to everyone mentioned in your Acknowledgements. Many will respond and you can post those responses on your social media, too.

· Offer to speak about writing and getting published at your local high school, YMCA, Rotary Club, church group, adult education center, etc. Display your book and promo materials, then post video & photos of the event online.

· In addition to local bookstores, approach souvenir shops, cafes, coffee houses, etc. that sell products from hometown folks about stocking your book and / or hosting signing events.

· Offer a copy of your book (or perhaps a gift basket that also includes items themed to your book) to charity events for use in silent auctions, raffles, or similar fundraisers. Promote the fundraiser (and your contribution) via social media.

· Every day is National “something” Day --- whenever one intersects with your book topic use the opportunity for online promotion. Sign up at and you’ll get a daily list of specifics.

· Keep track of your ‘book birthday / publication anniversary’ and post at 1 month, 6 weeks, etc. with pictures, video, reviews, etc.

· Research contests with various criteria: based on your book’s topic, ones for authors from your area, ‘first’ book competitions, etc. Enter as many as possible; even if you don’t win, many will provide feedback or reviews that you can post online.

Have I missed any? Be sure to contact me or leave your ideas in the comments, and let me know what works for you! Good luck!

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