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Bandun Gate

The wretched dead don't rest in the Charleston marshlands beyond Bandun Gate, they plot their return. A fact-inspired tale of murder, madness and malice, as the dark spirit of an executed murderess sets her sights on my only daughter. Will help from an exorcist, a former cult member, a Gullah root worker and other occult sources I developed while writing Encyclopedia of Hell be enough to save Abby, or will evil prevail in the haunted Sea Island wilds?

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Encyclopedia of Hell

The Encyclopedia of Hell is a comprehensive survey of the underworld, drawing information from cultures around the globe and eras throughout history. Organized in a simple-to-use alphabetic format, entries cover representations of the dark realm of the dead in mythology, religion, works of art, opera, literature, theater, music, film, and television. Sources include African legends, Native American stories, Asian folktales, and other more obscure references, in addition to familiar infernal chronicles from Western lore. 

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Song of Old

Song of Old: An Advent Calendar for the Spirit, is an adaptation of traditional Advent calendars, with short reflective passages serving as the 24 'treats' that countdown the days to Christmas. Each is written from the viewpoint of someone who lived during the time of Christ's birth, including such familiar characters as the Magi, the young apostle Peter, Simeon, the shepherds, King Herod, Nicodemus and the infant John the Baptist among others. The narratives cover the sweeping range of emotions associated with the holiday and together comprise a meaningful and momentous journey to Christmas morning.

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Shakespeare Goes Pop! Hollywood Edition re-imagines famous film and television catch phrases with a Shakespearean twist, and offers 'Bard in Show Biz' fun facts, trivia challenges and celebrity "Who Said It Better" match-ups. The work blends entertainment and education, providing a fun way to enjoy English literature's greatest playwright. A great read or gift idea for Hollywood buffs and Shakespeare lovers alike!

Cover SGP Sports.jpg

Shakespeare Goes Pop! Sports Edition is a dizzying blend of quotes from fan favorite athletes reworked Bard-style, "Who Said it Better" challenges featuring legendary stars, and trivia tests on everything from games in the days of Shakespeare to contemporary sport celebs with connections to the Bard. Included are quips from greats throughout the sporting world, from Mike Tyson to Yogi Berra, John Madden to Tiger Woods, Serena Williams to Ty Cobb, all with a nod to the GOAT playwright. Whatever your game, Shakespeare Goes Pop: Sports Edition has something for you!

Cover Heaven.jpg

Encyclopedia of Heaven offers survey of paradise, gathering diverse interpretations of the glorious afterlife from around the world and across the ages. Covering everything from ancient mythic images of splendid ethereal kingdoms to modern "near death experience" apparitions, this volume lists hundreds of fascinating depictions of the great beyond. Sources include religious texts, works of art and literature, television and film productions, epic poems, opera and stage plays, reincarnation concepts, African legends, and Native American beliefs. Encyclopedia of Heaven also looks at how the glories of paradise have been incorporated into contemporary pop culture, figuring into Rap music, merchandising fads, comic books, and more.

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Boomer's Criss-Cross Christmas

Join Boomer the Kangaroo for a world tour of holiday celebrations! Boomer’s Criss-Cross Christmas uses lush, vibrant illustrations to explore yuletide customs from Mexico, Japan, Kenya, Germany, The Philippines, Norway, Canada, Australia and other exotic spots around the globe. The story invites readers to sample the diversity and variety of seasonal traditions while also encouraging children to learn more about their own unique heritage.

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