Life is an Essay Contest…

Welcome to my blog Life is An Essay Contest. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful! I’ve chosen this title because whether you realize it or not, we are constantly winning (or losing!) things through our communication skills. With a few simple tips, you can really improve your odds.

A Comforting Routine

  • On March 29, 2020
I’m writing this as the world is in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic. Life as we all knew it is on hold as we endure restrictions on what we can do, where we can go, who we can see. The economy is in meltdown and social interaction is frozen. And no one can […]
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Write Word / Wrong Word!

  • On February 27, 2020
I’ve recently started a new writing project, and am surprised at how often I find myself stumbling upon ‘unusable’ words. What do I mean by that? I’m referring to words that have the correct technical definition of what I need them to say, but still won’t work because they carry ‘residue’ that will distract my […]
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Limping Along with a Crutch

  • On January 29, 2020
Getting your point across in writing is challenging enough, so don’t muddy your message with words and phrases you don’t need. These expressions, aptly called ‘crutch,’ ‘filler,’ or ‘clutter’ terms, not only water down your point, they can actually work against you by making your thoughts sound weak or indecisive. Examples of these culprits include: […]
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Image is Everything!

  • On December 30, 2019
There is an old saying in the writing world: ‘Show, don’t tell.’ Simply put, it means you’ll get better results if you paint a word picture using strong, clear images rather than vague abstractions to convey your intent.   Consider the example of 18th century poet Robert Burns. Attempting to woo his beloved, Burns wrote, […]
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Write from the Heart

  • On November 29, 2019
Tis the season for sending greetings to loved ones far and near, and whether you’re writing out cards or dispatching electronic sentiments, this is a great opportunity to up your writing game!   You’ve picked out the perfect graphic for your greeting, maybe included a family photo, now go the extra mile and add some […]
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Get It Together

  • On October 31, 2019
  Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and dough make pizza, but if you just threw them all in a bowl and stirred, the only thing you’d end up with is a mess! Writing is like that too. Your ‘ingredients’ — the idea you want to convey, the words you choose to get your point across, the […]
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The Prizes Are Everywhere

  • On September 19, 2019
Everything we write is designed to achieve some objective, whether it’s a resume, love note, text, business report, eBay item description, even this blog. All of these things seek to move readers to take action: to make a job offer, bring home a gallon of milk, visit a website or some other goal. The more […]
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